January 2016

Dear Pastor and church family.

The new year has brought a lot of new changes to our ministry.

First and for most we are grateful for all the souls that came to know Christ, and the safety the Lord gave us on all our travels.

After ten years of attending and being sent out of Trinity Independent Baptist Church of Kansas City Missouri, God has moved my wife and I to Calvary Baptist Church of Branson Mo.

This Month has been very trying for our new Pastor Larry Lehman and Family, we are down to Nine members and the January rains caused the basement of their house to flood please be in prayer as we are cleaning and repairing both Pastor Lehman's home and replanting Calvary Baptist Church.

One of the New and exciting ministries that God has brought into our Lives is the Baptist Radio Network, a Ministry Started By Cody Stinson and Spring City Baptist Church Cleveland VA.
This Ministry is dedicated to the spreading of the Gospel around the world, and they have asked us to help them in gathering solid Independent fundamental King James preaching material for their radio stations.
We are thanking God for this unique opportunity.

Upon a more serious Note, our support for Need for Revival Ministry is lacking to such a point that we are going backwards financially each Month, and are in desperate need of support.

Please prayerfully Consider Supporting NFRM Monthly.

Personal Prayer Request

Since we are currently residing in our pastors RV we aim to have a place to call home,
and are in need of covering other personal bills and expenses.

We are very thankful for all that God is doing and we are looking forward to all that he will do in 2016

Ministry Prayer Requests

1. Souls to be saved.

2. Safety on the roads.

3. Our Camp Ministries.

Yours for the Cause of Christ

Jonathan & Elizabeth