The Cooper Family

God has given us a great burden to help church planters with the need for revival in their churches.

There is a great need to help these churches keep their doors open and spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Thank You for visiting our website!

Welcome to our website Need For Revival Ministries as we endeavor to launch out of Trinity Independant Baptist Church of Kansas City Missouri. Into an outreach to:


  • Churches
  • Camps
  • Conferences
  • Conventions
  • Revivals
  • Tent Meetings
  • Foreign Missionaries

And anywhere the Lord opens the door! Whether:

  • Knocking doors
  • Handing out Tracts
  • Helping hurting churches
  • Building up the church through music and preaching

Our desire is to raise support so that we may be able to help the churches who are unable to support us and are struggling to keep the doors open. We want to strengthen, encourage, revive and inspire by serving in the capacity of work needed for these churches to be able to get back on their feet for the Lord.

Please pray for us as we strive to serve the Lord through Need For Revival Ministries!

Helping Ministries with Piano Tuning and Music